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Our Mission

We formed daMp iNteractive, a distinctive and eclectic record label, as a result of our current state of being and environmental conditions. While initially compiled for sync and licensing purposes, the discovery and curation of exceptional artists across a variety of fields broadened into this virtual label.

Now the trinity of label, production and licensing is exclusively aligned with the creative vision and global talents of Symphonic Distribution, providing a platform to accelerate the introduction of once provincial artists to a world-wide audience.

Our Method

Collaborating with the high caliber artists in our network creates an ideal environment for your music. No matter the genre, daMp iNteractive will connect you with the best team to make your music come to life, whether you need a studio, engineers, mixers, composers, writers, or virtuoso musicians. We’re helping artists create quality music and put it into the world faster than ever before.

daMp iNteractive has proven success in A&R, artist development, production and marketing with our global distribution partner Symphonic Distribution. Collaboration sets us apart, and our collaborative development strategies include publishing, upstreaming, artist sponsorships and brand exposure through our vast network. You don’t need to be exclusive to get the benefits, and we’ll work with any artist who needs to get their music out there.

Our extensive experience in the industry has allowed us to collaborate with a consortium of distinct and talented individuals from engineers, producers and mixers to virtuoso performers, composers and writers, all with a similar purpose…High quality music and its sonic appeal. From creation to broadcast, we design the atmosphere for the best performance across all platforms. We’ll provide recommendations for each role in the recording process and connect you with a unique team to produce the right sound.

Original Music - Rights & Clearances - Music Supervision…
Applications in all media including film, television, gaming, ad agencies and the web. Damp Interactive specializes in new, unique and independent artists as well as the finest composers, producers, engineers and mixers.

For Artists:
Our strategic partner, tHE vAULT, puts your music in direct contact with decision-making Music Supervisors, Producers, Directors, Editors, and Creatives who need what you create.

Searching for Quality Music?
tHE vAULT gives you access to some of the finest independent composers, bands, instrumental artists, writers, producers, mixers, and engineers to complete your project.


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Damp Interactive, a distinctive and eclectic record label, has been recently formed as a result of our present environmental conditions. This ‘virtual label’, borne by a unique consortium of talented artists, bands, composers, mixers, producers, writers…is a result of the discovery and curation of exceptional artists in varied fields which were initially compiled for sync and licensing purposes.

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